Eradicate 1-Litre - Engine degreaser

Deep clean your engine compartment with Eradicate engine degreaser, the hard hitting grime remover developed specifically to tackle grease and baked on road grime from all surfaces found under the hood from paint, to bare metal, plastics and rubber trim.


First, you'll need to make sure that the engine compartment is cool before applying any of the Eradicate engine degreaser. It's also important to protect any sensitive areas such as electrical components and air intakes ahead of application. Spray the solution liberally all over the engine bay and allow to dwell for several minutes. Once the solution has been left to work its magic, agitate each section using a detailing brush, in order to loosen and stubborn grime. To finish, pressure wash the entire bay and a microfibre towel to dry it off completely before removing any protective covers.

Can also be used on door jambs and wheel arches.


Eradicate 1-Litre - Engine degreaser

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